January 25, 2017


Sorry I have not been too active on my website! Chris and I have been packing up a storm and trying to figure out how to move to another state. We both have moved several times but not with a baby. Also, it means a lot to us to spend time with loved ones before we leave so that has taken quite a bit of time. Okay, let's begin regarding the title of this post. I receive so many questions about how I have accumulated followers on Instagram so quickly. First, I hate using the word 'followers' I'd like to think of the term friends, viewers, readers, support system, just anything BUT followers. Allow me to ask you something before I begin, have you ever put your all in everything and feel like you received nothing in return? Then, sometimes you just wing it and it turns out way more than you expected? That has been my experience blogging in general. I am coming in on a one year anniversary and have done my homework for at least thirty minutes every single day. 

#1 You cannot compare yourself to anyone. We are always looking in from the outside. I created my blog fully invested. I tried to see it as a stock investment, if you will. I did not bank my chips on only Instagram. What would you do if Instagram disappeared and that is where you left all of your focus?

#2 I tend to see the everyday captions such as the following: "I am obsessed" , "This is on sale", and/or a qusestion because Google said that is how to receive engagement. Please, know I understand I am not smarter than Google! I do ask questions, however, I ask for advice. I am human. I knew I had a love deep enough for fashion but I knew I am too open to categorize myself as a fashion blogger. I have to sometimes stop myself from being too open. I decided to focus on lifestyle and keep true to myself, after all isn't that what makes me different from everyone else? That is why I tell a story, talk about Landon, Chris, my favorite shows, family, or  anything that has to do with my day.

 #4 Facebook is also still very powerful. I have a large portion of friends and families who enjoy seeing my posts and interact. The rest of my Facebook engaged viewers have joined in but I'll tell you what...I link a new blog post on my Facebook as well.
#5 I cannot stress the importance of Pinterest. I discovered my first favorite blogger through Pinterest. I simply typed 'Pregnancy Style' and there she was. Pinterest is my favorite so I save that right before I go to bed. I pin from others and MOST IMPORTANTLY I pin my looks. I PIN STRAIGHT FROM MY WEBSITE. If anyone should be interested in following the photo that will gain not only traffic to my website but they will be able to get to know be beyond Instagram. This website is my own little space in this entire internet industry. All my social media accounts are linked to the number one reason I began blogging. To share my entire life with my viewers. I guess you could say I am honest.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lasala Photography

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