December 27, 2016


If you had told me 01/01/2016 I would be here managing a full blog post, all social media channels, emailing brand/PR companies, and strolling around in the streets to bring fashion come alive...I would have said YES! My heart must be bursting. I feel challenged everyday. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to work...hard. I come from styling mannequins and merchandising clothes. I love bringing the items to life! I believe "You have to give this item of clothing a chance." Not everything looks good on a hanger. I am aware I have thousand of eyes on me everyday and they may have walked past this very dress in Free People and thought...no it is too expensive.

I felt my heart melt when I saw this dress and I wanted to dress it the way it deserved to be, by me, of course. I can't be too fancy or that is weird. When I pose for my photographer I want to just move as I usually would go about. My photog knows I am awkward in front of the camera so she lets me do my thing. I have music playing in my purse, I just dance. Yes, it was rush hour and so many cars were passing by staring. That was the beauty of it, listening to the music has alway allowed me to pour out my all. I believe it is therapeutic, if you give it a chance.

How did music save my life? I come from a background where it was normal to join a gang or go to jail. I know that is blunt but during my teenage years I was homeschooled. I worked as a waitress by 5AM until I began my dance classes at 3:30PM. I danced until 8-10pm 5 days a week. I took anywhere between 13-16 classes a week. I did ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and tap (I HATED). Eventually, I graduated from high-school and began college at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). I began working as soon as I graduated. By the age of 23yd, I made it past the teenage years of many mistakes that others around me were doing. That's how it saved my life.

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