Raelyns Roulette: HOLIDAY STYLE WITH Q&A

December 10, 2016


Sorry it took so long to answer all your questions I am going to combine our Q&A with some holiday swag talk.
Q1) If I could go anywhere in the world it would be: Fashion Week in Paris.

Q2) What is my favorite lip color : This red matte lipstick from MAC Cosmetics.

Q3) My favorite donut is.......plain or glazed round. I like Winchell's but HATE Krispy Creme. I am crazy I know

Q4) What is my favorite perfume? SO EASY! My one and only is Michael Kors Jasmine

 Scroll down for more answers or see my looks below and some similar colors/styles.

Q5) My favorite place to shop is Neiman Marcus, Zara, TopShop....anywhere that is stylish and fits my petite physique.

Q6) My Most embarrassing moment...That is so hard! At this point in time I would say having Chris watch my C-Section while delivering Landon. The mystery was SERIOUSLY gone
That is all for now loves! I am sorry I could not get to all of your questions! We will do this every week though. You tell me what you want to see and hear. I love getting to know all of you. You are my support system, I wouldn't be where I am without all of you. I have so many tips and tricks ...and some crazy stories. Glad to have you join the ride!

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