November 21, 2016


Most of you know I have a SERIOUS issue with anxiety and panic attacks. I am trying to be as open as possible because I wish years ago there was someone who could be so honest. It has been years since a accident triggered this horrible phobia....yet I cannot seize to move forward. I have ALWAYS wanted to be ANTI-medicated so I could face these demons. First, if you are using medications.......THAT IS OKAY! I am not here to judge.....I am ONLY here to speak to what has helped me.....scroll all the way down and I am going to let you know a secret.

There is a special scent called lavender that assists with those horrible heart racing, uncontrollable shivers, nausea, and heat sweats. Most... don't know what to do will find theirselves feeling as thought they may be having a heart attack. The scent of lavender is used to help ease the fast pace of these urgent feelings.
IF I may offer any advice; Try to not listen to any negativity or feel badly about this media condition. You will find what works for you you :). I have found that breathing heavily in and out.....100000000xs works for me. 
Three years ago I was gifted this necklace that contains a small cloth inside. I had learned to drench this cloth with lavender. When Mirada Provence reached out to me I carefully studied all that they praised upon. To sum it up.....I carry my necklace with me, breathe in, and breathe out....10000xs. It works....and a serene emotion evolves me. 

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