November 06, 2016


I have been getting a few questions about how I balance life and blogging. To be honest everyday is an effort to stay with a routine. It keeps Landon and MY sanity to go for a couple walks everyday and run errands. First, it brings me so much joy to match with Landon when possible. ROMEWE and I partnered up to share some looks with you all. The denim they gifted me with is loose enough so I can bend over since Landon requires me to be at his level at all times. They also gifted me with this cold shoulder grey sweater and these not so plain black leggings.

First things first, I wake up to Landon's alarm 7AM. He is not a morning person so I put some Minions or my favorite vbloggers 'Ellie and Jared' to keep him entertained so I can make us breakfast. This puts us at 8AM. He begins playing with toys and I sneak in emails AND respond to comments on my website (THANK YOU FOR READING BY THE WAY)
By 9AM, it's some time for a walk because Landon is ready to see daylight. I usually run errands little by little everyday so we have somewhere far to walk. Yes, walk because parking is no fun here in Pasadena, CA. Once we return eat a snack and I start to get pretty. I play music during this time because Landon gets excited and that allows me to get myself together. 12pm hits and it's time for his first nap. 
12PM is crunch time that is when I launch the daily social media collaborations on all platforms. I allow time to respond to as many questions/comments as possible. I only give myself 30 minutes and then its time to clean a certain part of the home. Landon is awake by 1-1:15PM so once he wakes up I begin making us lunch.
If I am lucky by 3PM the above is complete, granted Landon is not teething or not feeling well. This is when I begin working on a blog post. I would love have my blog posts scheduled by the beginning of the week but I don't have a ton of help with Landon and he isn't a fan of me on my computer very long. 

I usually try and make a last minute play-date, take him to the LEGO store and let him play with all the safe legos, and/or walk to the park and let Landon run around like a chicken with his head cut-off. This is my time to re-connect with him and I ensure he is laughing and playing with other babes. Eventually, it's time for a nap by 4PM. This is when it is time to begin dinner and respond to more emails.
Once Chris comes home I am so excited because that is when he takes over and I talk to him about everything. We communicate and play with Landon together once he wakes up from his nap. Forwards to 7-8PM Landon has been fed, bathed, had a story read to him, and goes down for the night. Chris and I watch a show or movie together or separate (different tastes), I shower, go to bed by 10PM. I wake up the next day and do it clllll over again. 

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