October 11, 2016


Alright my darling ladies/gents; Today’s post is all about coming out of your comfort zone and learning how to find yourself with what is trending. Most of you know I swear up and down I am bohemian. I must admit, each time Fall comes around I must remind myself to stay true to what I represent instead of trying to fit in with what all others are wearing. Example, it does not fit my aesthetic to wear the following: 90's Patch Denim trend, the sleeveless vest sweater, and I cannot capture my style with the thigh high boots if it is covering my entire leg. I am a 5'0 petite gal and it is important to snap a photo showing justice to the product and that may not translate well in photos. I will show as much of myself as I can through a lens with you all so you are able to see HOW I would style it while staying true to myself.  I snagged this gold metallic dress recently because I knew I could make it work with my usual Fall style and keep in line with what is trending. I really loved the flow of the pleated detail. It moved with my body and I felt assured I look exquisite. All I need is some wind instead of forced movement in 100 degree weather here in California lol!  At the time I was listening to a variety of songs as this helps me get into that good confident energy mode. I thought I was Rihanna or Beyonce for most of this photo-shoot. I adore action shots to make the product come ALIVE!!!!!! YASSSS? 

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