October 27, 2016


Most of you know how long it has taken me to really find my groove in this blogging world. I wanted to show my different sense of style, of course, we all have that. I dug deeper and realized I GET TO BE MYSELF and I garner my readers. I know I am funny and a quirky sassy kind of something. I am a huge sweet-heart and I love to help others, I always have.I stay true to leaving bits and pieces into my daily life before introducing what I am marketing to you. Take this morning for example. Landon is driving me crazy to get outside but I promised to stay on schedule posting Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wanted to have these posts scheduled but yeah that didn't happen. With that being said, I am going to pause...and return to this post once he naps.

Okay walk number one (check), early lunch (check), and now I can continue blogging. Landon and I are getting closer into a routine. Let's talk about this photo-shoot now...details at the very end

Let's talk about an Instagram post I posted where I am walking back and forth trying to get some good action shots. I realized early on I cannot pose for the camera I need to be moving. Here is the link to a video I posted so show how I photograph my looks. It took time and patience to figure out how I want be viewed as. I also connected with my Photographer by going through the images and explaining to her ALTHOUGH she loves the photo....I feel like I am posing for a commercial on "Say NO to drugs." We reviewed over 1,000 photos and narrowed it down to 30. It took one shot that has that wow-factor and I received so much feedback!

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