September 21, 2016


First, STOP comparing your "chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 15." There is so much to learn and life happens with health, finances, and kiddos. I'll share some tips so get your notepad because I don't care if you make "it" before I do. I am hear to help not to compete. 

The house is not always going to be clean, dinner will not be served on time, and your photographer may arrive early while you are still in sweats and your hair is a mess. Guess what, it's real. I respectfully applaud the Mama bloggers who ONLY take photos of themselves groomed up. EXPLAINED FURTHER could be taken offensively I set in stone a steady schedule with my priorities below.....

Our routine is as follows: 8am I feed the kid and myself, then I let him watch Sesame Street while I catch up on emails, next is time to get Landon out for a walk, and once we return home it is his nap time. This is my opportunity to to begin writing a blog post.

After Landon's first nap I allow him to roam around the entire home and destroy what I cleaned 100xs yesterday. I aim to focus on what was to be completed yesterday. At some point, I STOP and play with Landon or teach him a thing or  two. Now, by 1pm or 2pm I handle wifey stuff such as finances, dinner plans of the week, and what not. 

This photo for example.... I woke up late and I was still in my PJS. I came up with a new idea on how to incorporate  many brand partnerships. If you caught my recent instagram post  I  had to tag so many collars into one photo because I would rather be late than never with my deadlines. 
I decided to be organic with my morning while incorporating my partnering collaborations. My sweet photographer rolls with the punches

It was Landon's nap time, so these photos are FAMILY FORCED FUN. The bed is hardly ever made, I often clean up after Landon's mess of the day 100k times two, and I always attempt to have dinner ready for Chris when he gets home. My dinners are burned, cold, or tasteless. Chris knows he didn't marry no chef. 

Chris comes home and we begin communicating part of our day. IF I say I need the evening to do my work he covers me and I go into my office (bedroom) and work.  The support from your partner is key in marketing. I have both full time jobs. I often feel like I never clock in or out. Once, Landon's  bedtime rolls around I try to drop business and call it grown up time. I reconnect with my partner with NO SCREENS TO distracts us. We encoruage one another to proceed to the next day.  That is all I have for you now, I hope I helped. xoxo

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