September 15, 2016


1) When I began blogging I thought all I had to do was post pretty photos and people would join in on a the ride. No...no...no...no. I had to study, study, cry, want to give-up, study more, make mistakes, and so much more. Well, stick with me because I am going to share all my secrets with you. I saved number 10 for last. I don't know where I'd be without this tip. I hope it helps! Let's start with......

4) Find at least (30) bloggers/brands/boutiques/retailers who inspire you. Those who have inspired you to begin blogging or you are most attached to you. Store these inspirations in your notepad, I will tell you why below
5) Once you have decided on a unique name begin ALL social media channels into business profiles (to just get it over with, even if you have to convert some to business pages. 

2)  BE YOURSELF - Write down why you want to start blogging, stay focused on you, and what makes you different. 

3)  I wish I would have created a Pinterest board so I could tackle down the theme of my social media channels. I also wish I did more studying on who, what, and when to launch my website. Do not rush on this and do research.

6) Upload at least (10) images and you ONLY have 10-15 minutes to to expose your hashtags and tags of the items featured.
7) AFTER, you have at least a few images ready to upload go tell ALL your friends, family, colleagues, ex-colleages, and ask for support. 

8) Prepare hashtags (I am awesome at grammar but my son eats dinner in 45 minutes so this is gonna go quick) by category. I have saved hashtags on my iPhone in a notepad. I have it ready for Fashion, LifeStyle, Mom Life, Decor, and well anything I find interest in.
 9) You get (30) hashtags per Instagram for example SEE HERE. I cannot stress how important it is to use all (30) hashtags!!! Try and think of it this way, you have 30 free lottery tickets. All it takes is ONE to get featured (EXPOSURE IS KEY).

10) I WISH I would have learned about know about this blogger sisterhood. I began blogging in March 16' and in September 16' I attended New York Fashion Week. I know for a fact Rewards Style or @Liketokinow.it would not have done so for me. Please, use my link above, this membership should be more than what is offered. Also..thank you LULUS and Daniel Wellington for the free BEAUTIFUL pieces sent. 

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