August 14, 2016


 Chris arrived home after his annual deployment earlier this month. I needed photos taken, he wanted family time, and Landon needed to just get out lol. We compromised by doing what we love most; Seeking new pubs or coffee shops. I left my camera at home, so I used what I had. If I have learned anything it is OKAY if all does not go as planned. Everything truly happens for a reason.

I left this photo as a teaser on Instagram and have included all links to get this look. Please, bare with me as I am still finding a good posting schedule as I treat my blog as a business. There is just so much to learn in life. Being Chris's wife, Landon's Mom, and blogging has taught me most about myself. See below what I have learned...

1) I have the attention span of a 2year old
2) I never took myself as a patient woman, but I am
3) I am the glue in my household, I keep things in order (Chris told me that)
4) I received the best compliment ever "You are a great Mother"

I never realized the important of number 4 until I became one. Anyways, if you love what you see please subscribe to my posts. Things are going to get real reaaaallllly fast.

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