Raelyns Roulette: BACK TO SCHOOL

September 02, 2016


It's a little silly to join in on the fun of back to school when I am not even attending school. I suppose I am since everyday I am studying on this infinite amount of knowledge. This journey of finding the right photographer has been tough! I of course have a budget but that budget is toward a respectful eye, experience, and understanding of my cohesive brand I hope to become one. This was the second to last one. My experience in these shots was teaching the photographer how to use her camera (she was kind and had a lovely camera). I explained to her what she wants to look for. A week later she kindly explained she can't work for you, I can understand that. Once again, I informed her to try and not charge for photography but GO BACK TO SCHOOL. I wish I found the time do so. I love taking photos leisurely myself. 

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