June 20, 2016


 Anyone who knows me would tell you "Jamie does not wear tennis shoes." I have always been known to overdress and I own one pair of casual shoes. Once in a while, I like to add a fancy top with Converse. Converse or chucks basically go with everything. 

So about this trip to San Diego, it was the first time I had been without Landon since I became pregnant! Chris and I blasted the music in the car, sang, and danced the whole trip. We attended such a beautiful wedding! I could not wait to dance. As I waited patiently for the precious custom first dances; It was time for the Mother and the Groom dance. The song   "Mama" by Boys to Men played. I broke down in tears because at that moment I know someday that will be me giving Landon away to another woman. After emotionally draining myself, they started off by playing "Suavemente by Elvis Crespo and I took over the dance floor (I tend to perform since I use to be a dancer, the passion of pouring yourself into the music never leaves you). I took one day to lay in bed, watch Grey's Anatomy, and ended the day listening to nature. Needless to say I thought of Landon every minute. 

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