June 25, 2016


I am a planner traveler, so ask me how I travel: Check list, outfits for cool or rainy weather, cold medicine because you just never know, and a list of hotels in case we need somewhere to stay if a flight does not go as planned. Since, I had Landon I am that much more prepared. 

We recently went to Virginia to visit Chris's family. Our flight was delayed coming home to L.A., and we did not land until 2AM. We left our  American Express Platinum Card  at home so we did not have points to use! A train, metro, and 5-blocks later we made it home. Now, if we did have our card this was my choice of hotel,  Aloft El Segundo. I had recently been invited to an event prior this to and I was taken back by the experience this hotel had to offer. This girl chooses quality over quantity, I cannot stay at the local Inn. Since we did not get to experience the hotel as a guest I will use some photos from the event and include my review.  

As soon as Chris and I arrived through the entrance, I sensed Industrial and Travel decor. We were quickly attracted to their bar,  W XYZ. Chris ordered a cocktail and I a delicious glass of champagne. I am huge on customer service, the bartender Desiree,  quickly sparked up a personal conversation. We began making our way down to the event and the photos I took with my DSLR Nikon 3200 did not do the view justice. I could smell the fresh food being made downstairs, the air was cool, the warming sensation from their fire-pit area that set the ambience, and we received a light tasty complimentary appetizer within minutes. 

Our tour began onto the rooms, my favorite part! First, I will begin with their accommodating pet-friendly hospitable necessities. The wall decor reflected it's location, it was a mock-up of a aircraft blue print. This hotel is a refreshing change for the modern traveler who dislikes staying at a overly decked out gold and polished marble floor victorian styled hotel. From the industrial ceiling and customized art work made specifically for this Aloft location It felt more like a High end NYC Loft with the View of Los Angeles instead. Instead of an office chair and desk that is rarely used when you stay in your hotel room it comes with a giant bean bag chair to relax in while unwinding from the day. An interesting detail I noticed were the doorless closest, reason being, quick and easy wardrobe (since that is what most travelers require). The rooms were so refreshingly clean. Which would make sense as they do not call their staff 'room service'. They call them "The Refresh Team."  They Refresh your room while you are away for a few hours and hold their standards high by leaving your room exactly how you entered it. I hand wrote so many notes, too quickly, because I can hardly read what I wrote.

This review is based off memory. It was memorable. 

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