April 25, 2016


It was April 13th the day he signed his life and his future over to his country. It did not seem as big of a deal until that moment. He was signing up to be called upon battle, report as ordered, and to put a country before all else. I was terrified, nervous, and so proud of him all at the same time.

It was silent on our way to the airport. I did not want to cry because I knew this would be harder on him than myself. It was him who would be traveling to a place where he did not have family, friends, support, and would be broken apart by higher rank. I would not be able to see him or hear his voice for six months. 

I received my first letter in the mail and he was excitedly sharing his accomplishments and knowledge. He mentioned being able to call on Thanksgiving Day, this was music to my ears. Thanksgiving came around and I missed his call. We were both broken but remained positive. 

As time continued, his letters became less excited. He shared with me that although he was spoken down upon as a technique to be strengthened, it broke my heart to know he was being torn a part piece by piece.

Finally, I was able to visit him after boot camp! I was a proud woman to see him make it knowing a few others he started this journey with did not make it to this day. It was a couple of days but we reconnected and strengthened one another for the remaining three months away. 

The last day had come and we were saying our goodbyes. That is when he said "I'm gonna make you my wife, will you marry me?" I said "Uh, yeah!" You can imagine how foolish I looked bawling my eyes out through check-in, security, and on the plane.  

Well, into our first year of marriage he received a call in the middle of the night, a highly confidential call. He was being deployed. We had future plans to cancel, a family to put on hold, and the fear began to rise for his life (our life).  Needless, to say he returned back safe and sound. We have a perfect 8 month baby boy to date, our relationship, is stronger than ever, and we continue to enjoy each day as it comes. Deep down, that fear is still there. HE has future deployments coming up close. He is fighting for an infinite amount of strangers and puts his his life on the line to protect. I am his military spouse and the mother of his child, we too are apart of this battle each day.

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