Raelyns Roulette: EL MATADOR

April 19, 2016


I always envisioned what my first family photos would be like. What would we wear? Who would photograph us? Where would we end up shooting? What I didn't think about was how are we going to get our kid to look at the camera? 

Our photographer Skyla Walton was shooting while dangling a toy (keys) to get his attention. Of course with his two second attention span he was AMAZED by the waves or the children running wildly free into the water.

We did it though. I reflected on the way home how often we worry about life situations and how it does nothing to rest our minds. Everything always works out one way or another and you move on. We decided to have a easy breezy day and allowed what will be, will be. 

J.crew : Men's striped sweater  /  Zara : Baby oxford trousers / Urban Outfitters : Off the shoulder midi dress

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