March 29, 2016


Let's skip the "Ever since I was little I dreamed of fashion..blah,blah,blah". Obviously I am blogging because this world of fashion and beauty makes my heart rate accelerate. So let's start from the beginning. I went to F.I.D.M like almost every single girl in California. I interned for free, then started out merchandising for great companies that taught me so very much (Forever 21, Anthropologie, and West Elm). I presently work as a Marketing Coordinator for a Home Design company, I enjoy what I do. I reached all my goals and I needed to find another, one that would challenge me to my wits end. So here I am.

Per my doctor's orders, I had to go on disability half-way through my pregnancy. My body decided to develop Syncope (fainting) abruptly. I could not leave the house unattended in the event I would absolutely humiliate myself and roll myself on the ground for a couple minutes. The first day, I was bored out of my mind. This is when I began following bloggers and vloggers. They inspired me and made me feel like they were reaching out to me. I was inspired to take back my pregnancy.

I purchased a Nikon 3200 and a tripod. I googled how-to and practiced. I decided to 'D.I.Y' my entire newborn baby's nursery. I watched all seasons of Breaking Bad while teaching myself how to use this fancy thing.

On August 11, 2015 my time had FINALLY come (birth blog coming soon and you do not want to miss this story) I went into labor at 4am. I spent my maternity leave as expected: Sleep Deprived, Sleeping next to my baby's bassinet to make sure I heard his every breath, Cried, Laughed, Cried some more, and repeat. Would I change a thing? Yes. Served myself a glass of wine and chilled out. Other than that, No. 

While he napped I peacefully enjoyed following other bloggers who allowed me inside their lives. These bloggers taught me how to dress while as big as a whale, a cheat sheet to being a new fashion craving mom, shared their most secretive beauty posts, and then it hit me...

 I needed more than a retail or a corporate creative outlet. I needed to just be ME! My new goal is to start a blog and it is earned HARD-WORK. I finish what I start and expect no less. If you wish, stick with me and let's hold onto this thing called life  together. I won't let go if you don't. 


  1. Loved hearing your story of starting your blog! I feel the same way about fashion & beauty and following others from pinterest inspired me to try it myself! Love your blog, glad you started
    xx, Lauren {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

  2. Your story of how you started is lovely!! So glad you did!! These images are stunning!! xo

  3. Your post was very inspiring, all the best wishes with your child on the way :)
    xoxo Sarah www.thehouseofsequins.com

  4. Hi Sarah! That is so sweet of you to say. Inspiring is the best compliment.

  5. What a great story. It's great that you decided to start a blog so that you could get those creative juices flowing. I love your story and your photos are beautiful. Best of luck as a new mom. Xoxo

  6. Awww I loved this write up!! Congrats babe and best of luck! Hugs, Kait



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