March 23, 2016


I have been receiving some personal emails regarding how I am so fit and slim after just having a baby as far back as three months. Mama's, I cannot stress how important it is to tell you I take after genes from my Mother. I struggle to keep on the weight and while this may be a wish to some it too is all about eating healthy and exercising. 

I encourage all new Moms or Veteran Moms to focus on YOU and not on others. We all have different body types. I choose to focus on what I like about my body instead of what I need improvement on. I will answer directly a couple of questions I have been asked. 

Q: How soon did you begin dieting? 
A. Per my doctors instructions, I focused on eating healthy calories. I no longer had the opportunity to make a three course meal. I ate veggies, protein, and whole grains. I also treated myself to donuts because.....I deserved to eat what I want (being a Mother is hard-work and I want a treat). 

Q. How do you find time to work-out?
A. I work full-time, enjoy time spent with my husband, blog, and most importantly I spend time with my son. I am exhausted by 6pm but I make a decision to commit to a thirty minute work-out. I do it at the end of my day, drink a protein shake, watch a show, and go to sleep. Basically as with everything, I get it over with and it feels great to feel accomplished. 

Q. Did I have Baby Blues or Post-Partum depression? 
A. Within the first two weeks I did cry quite a bit. Luckily, my Doctor informed me of this before delivery. Ladies, a combination of hormones and a new word for exhaustion will imbalance your mental balance. I woke up everyday to a crying baby and gave myself a pep talk. I said to myself "These are just hormones and exhaustion. I want to have a positive day." I dressed to impress, did my make-up, curled my hair, and went on with my day. I went to coffee shops, shopped, and talked to any mother that passed my way and made new friends. 
I made a decision to have a GREAT day. 

I welcome more questions and feedback. I am an open book to an extent. 

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