Raelyns Roulette

August 01, 2018


Yep, it has or is happening to almost everyone. The 20th of July I received an email with a subject of  'HACK  !'

I had just finished my to-do list for the week and was ready to enjoy my weekend. I had just booked two months worth of campaigns, found a new church to attend, and tracked down a potential daycare for Landon. I was about 10 minutes away from home when I glanced at my phone and saw a notification from gmail.  I immediately (AND SAFELY) pulled over and instantly panicked. 

July 15, 2018


I usually change in my car but at this photoshoot with Felicia - L.A. based Photograpgher but it is so hard to change in a car! I noticed another photoshoot going on and this person had a dressing rack and a tall black tent. I'll link some ideas at the bottom. I am keeping this short since I am visiting Chris still in AZ, before he deploys overseas. Keep up with my Instagram stories where I keep it REAL! 


June 04, 2018


13 reasons why YOU need Urban Decay's newest collection - 'Beached.' I know I speak of many beauty products but we all have those certain brands we go back to because one or the other is the HG (Holy Grail) for whatever we are using it for. This collection is by far my most desired. Learning how to properly apply make-up to either accentuate my best features or divert attention from my disliked features is like cooking for me. I can cook any hispanic dish but when it comes to anything else I need help. I watch, read, copy, fail, try again, add a little bit of my own spice to it, etc... I did not have to do this when reviewing this collection. 


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