Raelyns Roulette

October 21, 2019


In regards to the title, the amount of dm's I receive about "Where do I start?" or "How did you grow your following?" First, I try not to get offended when I get asked how did I grow my following hahahaha, I always want ask "By being me, why? Hard to believe?" It is 2019 and so much as changed since I started in 2016, my honest answers will unravel below.

1) Run. Jk (Not really) If you are the type of person who quits after not seeing immediate results, you will not last. This type of work requires patience and being relentless. I have probably been told "No" at least a hundred times this year alone. I will be real with you, I am NOT use to being told no to, so imagine the last three years of me doing my thang with my business and how discouraging it is to be  told this word at the very least 300 times. I have somehow kept my head up high, increased the thickness of my skin, and dusted off the fact that I am in a COLD COLD COLD industry. No one told me that before I dove in face first on March 1st 2016. So let me tell you something....

August 26, 2019


First, women's Mini Dress from Dress Head !!!  We are talking a 88% OFF deal and steal from Dress Head!!! Their 'Boat Style Neckline Short Sleeve Dress' with a  middle thigh hemline comes in 6 colors and sizes S-2XL. It is respectfully 

July 15, 2019


God, thank you for forgiving me for not attending church yesterday. I just needed a mental health day. You gave me all the answers I needed. AMEN. I was born in Panorama City, CA just shy of Compton. Try me.

I'm the real deal. You see what you get. I love being as relatable yet personally private to my audience. Whether it be a social media post, blog post, IG story reply, or personal DM.
 I tend to become too unfiltered and sassy and thankfully my anti-social private IG husband will notify immeditally to correct me professionally and personally (He has a gift) . I tend to share a ton of Cardi B songs on IG stories when sharing my daily routine in order to stay true to my self and the fact that music, singing, and dancing is theraputically effective on me. Naturally, I do my best to find clean versions in respect to those do prefer to not allow such words enter their ears.  I continue to strive to assuring my total reach is not offended, unfortunately...we are all human and learn from mistakes. Some songs are not clean-friendly so I make a strong effort to warn my audience "Language and images are only permitted to a mature audience in the presence of a trusted adults." Believe it or not, I hate several DM'S a day in regards to specific playlists - in a spectrum of Christian music to underground rap.

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