Raelyns Roulette

March 04, 2020


I know to some this may look like a lot, but I don't use each one everyday. I ran out of my dry shampoo which I only use every other day unlike most lucky girls who can go a week. My hair is fine and not thick. Anyway, R+Co sent me some hair products and I picked something that could give my hair that smooth shiny strengthening look. Since going lighter, I have to care for my hair twice as much. I've been using both shampoo and conditioner for two weeks and the difference has sold me. It may be slightly pricey for the amount but, hey, it works television magic!

October 21, 2019


In regards to the title, the amount of dm's I receive about "Where do I start?" or "How did you grow your following?" First, I try not to get offended when I get asked how did I grow my following hahahaha, I always want ask "By being me, why? Hard to believe?" It is 2019 and so much as changed since I started in 2016, my honest answers will unravel below.

1) Run. Jk (Not really) If you are the type of person who quits after not seeing immediate results, you will not last. This type of work requires patience and being relentless. I have probably been told "No" at least a hundred times this year alone. I will be real with you, I am NOT use to being told no to, so imagine the last three years of me doing my thang with my business and how discouraging it is to be  told this word at the very least 300 times. I have somehow kept my head up high, increased the thickness of my skin, and dusted off the fact that I am in a COLD COLD COLD industry. No one told me that before I dove in face first on March 1st 2016. So let me tell you something....

August 26, 2019


First, women's Mini Dress from Dress Head !!!  We are talking a 88% OFF deal and steal from Dress Head!!! Their 'Boat Style Neckline Short Sleeve Dress' with a  middle thigh hemline comes in 6 colors and sizes S-2XL. It is respectfully 


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