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June 04, 2021


 I can't believe I'm even saying this but so happy and relieved to finally announce I'm 4.5 months pregnant!! I'm going to answer most asked questions here and also in my IG stories. I will have a to be continued with all that happened up until the time I announced at 16 weeks, its been an emotional rollercoaster. 

1) We tried 4 years and three months for this one 16 week old. Initially, I got pregnant when Landon turned one but didn't make it very far, that was a whole ass grieving process and he/she would have been 4yd this month. 

2) In January of 2020 I had myself tested for infertility and luckily checked out perfectly fine. I was waiting for Chris to return from active duty to get himself tested, unfortunately, that was exactly when Covid hit and the entire world shut down. My OB said to just continue to have fun and have sex 2-3xs a week. So we enjoyed being married and did just that before and after, still no luck.

3) Yes, it was always hard seeing a new pregnancy announcement (of course I was happy for whomever it was). Eventually, I got use to it within the lat year.

4) Earlier this year in February I went ahead and saw my OB again and we finally decided it was time to get some tests done. I was overwhelmed with having to go in on certain days within my cycle, having contrast dye thrown in my body, and the possibility of
(IUI) aka 'Intrauterine insemination.' Landon had made it clear he had been wanting a 'friend' younger sibling to play with so I was willing to do anything except IVF. 

April 17, 2021


Beige Fitted Sleeveless Dress

This slip dress is definitely fitted and a little hard to walk in whilst taking small steps (short people problems). It's still comfortable and ya don't have to wear a bra which makes it a win! When I was pregnant with Landon I these types of dresses until I reached the point of the itchy part around 30 weeks. This dress also shows all so aim for silky underwear or non-show of any ty      

Ribbed Sleeveless Fitted Midi Dress 

This dress comes in 5 colors total! It is selling out fast so buy one here 

This comfy gem can be worn w/out a belt too (if you're taller). I opted for this lace bra here as I always like an extra detail in the front or back. I only share my measurements so my audience can feel confident in how to wear any item I am seen wearing. I am wearing a size small and wearing the lace bra from Target in a XL. It has padding in case it should be cold and ...yeaaaaaa nothing can point out ( I am beyond modest in that area). I have seen other bloggers wear it and some do not need a bra what so ever and others opted for a regular strapless bra; This jumpsuit look beautiful on every woman. 

I have a little more room in this dress to walk and it is easily wearable with/out a bra. The ribbed tight fabric is supportive. Not sure why but within the last two years, if I am wearing a tanked sleeve length dress I prefer to dress it down with light weighted ankled tennis shoes. If I know the wind will pick up or a temp drop occurs, my staple is always a denim jacket like the one here. I am not into the new belt bag trend that can be worn as a cross shoulder but I can see it pairing well with this look. Similar bags I picked are here or this one

Another fitted dress and for whatever reason I have been into pinks, blush, red, purples, and everything in between. I always love partnering with Pink Blush and be sure to check out there maternity collection as they can be worn pre-paregnancy or postpartum!


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