Raelyns Roulette

November 11, 2018


I will include some links to what I am wearing. Some of it is last year but has been restocked and others are new but are already sold-out. I will include alternatives to the same retailer though :). If you're here for the facts then scroll on down!

I'll be answering questions I get asked all the time but more-so in my Instagram dm's.

1) How tall am I? 5'0 (on a good day). Yep, I am crazy petite. I just have photographers who know how to work with me height. I am also very good at directing a non-experienced person what angles I need and which buttons to press on my camera.

2) What is my background? I am actually very much hispanic. Half Mexican American and Half Puerto Rican. My Great-Grandmother on my Mom's side came from a specific part of Mexico where the light skinned and colored eye Mexicans generally were. I don't know to much about my Dad's father as he left his family early on. I only know he came from Puerto Rico, that's all. I really want to gather my ancestry so I can have a better answer haha.

3) My parents have been married forty years and I have two sisters. One is 38yd and the other 33yd and we look nothing alike. I have 100 cousins (hispanic joke.. kinda) lol.

4) I am a military spouse and am usually single-momin' it with my freshly new 3yd boy, Landon. Landon was not a easy baby but luckily calmed down a little before turning 3.
5) I am known by my family to be the sassy, reserved, crazy, and even give some serious attitude. I don't believe in  any of it except the  sassy part. I think because growing up, people thought since I was so tiny that they could target me. I taught myself to not be scared of anyone and welcomed physical proof over verbal. I'd never want to hurt anyone intentionally, I do believe in self defense 100% though.

6) I work part-time at West Elm (William Sonoma Inc.) here in California. I come from fashion merchandising and styling mannequins and once I started working at Anthropologie, I was introduced to home. I only work here and there with them, due to my experience I can pick up easily with minimal training. 
7) I struggle with depression. I mentioned this in a past blog post. I am on medication and it helps but I still have to deal with it everyday and it is a hard mental issue to battle. 

8) Dancing and singing are the most theraputic for me. Those two activities really help to get my mind off things. 

9) I've never been huge on beauty until I became a blogger. Now, I LOVE trying every single new beauty product that comes my way. I may not love it all because it is not as affective the other but I still want to try EVER.SINGLE.PRODUCT.OUT.THERE. If I don't care for it then I won't post about it. 

10) I hate this word but I am OBSESSED with Jennifer Lawrence. If she were my only friend, I'd be cool with that. She just gets me 😅

November 05, 2018


I know brands talk, but so do bloggers. This may be confusing for my 'normal' audience to understand. But for the hundreds of you who have reached out to be about starting a blog and charging brands to promote their product, it's not that easy. Let me make this very crystal clear, my job is to influence NOT to work for free. Click below for a real sip of TEA. 

October 11, 2018


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? I don't get a Romeo to save me at the end of the day. So who saves me? God. You don't believe in God? Okay, me; And what does that feel like? Lonely AF!

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